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Full-Service Asphalt Company in Madison, Wisconsin

Our Service Promise

Bartelt Enterprises, Inc. stands behind our work and provides you with an industry-leading warranty on materials and workmanship. We service residential, commercial, industrial, governmental, agricultural and municipal clients. All customers receive friendly service and prompt attention. We offer high-quality work at very competitive prices. As a full-service asphalt company, if your asphalt does not need to be replaced, we can seal and/or crack-seal it to make it look better and last longer. We provide written estimates and consultations and are fully insured.

Asphalt Paving Division

We can remove and replace existing concrete or asphalt with new blacktop, or excavate to create the blacktop area of your needs. Bartelt Enterprises installs hot-mix asphalt to:

  • Driveways
  • Parking lots
  • Basketball courts
  • Silage pads
  • Walking paths

Maintenance Division

Crack and Joint Maintenance
We provide a complete crack and joint maintenance service! We can route, heat lance and use hot crack-sealer on your driveway, parking lot, roadways or even airport runways. If you are equipped to do your own crack sealing, we can supply quality hot- and cold-applied crack sealing materials and equipment.
We are equipped to patch sections of existing asphalt if needed.
  • Sawcut patch repairs to large areas by removing and replacing the areas of failed asphalt.
  • Infrared repair to smaller areas. Our infrared machine heats up sections of asphalt so they become pliable again. This allows us to add fresh asphalt and smooth out potholes, large cracks or sections of asphalt that have failed. The result is a seamless repair to your existing asphalt.
Bartelt Enterprises uses only the highest quality asphalt emulsion sealer Pitch BlackĀ®. Pitch BlackĀ® Asphalt Emulsion Sealer an ecofriendly industry-leading sealcoat. You won't believe how much better your parking lot will look with a fresh sealcoat job!

  • Traffic marking in parking lots
  • Handicap markings
  • New and existing
  • Refresh an existing layout
  • Snow removal
Snow Removal
Bartelt Enterprises provides the following high-quality snow removal services for commercial customers.
  • Salting
  • Snow plowing
  • Snow shoveling
  • Removal of snow from parking lot and haulaway
  • Provide salt barrels with salt